About our smoked eel

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Smoked eel is a unique, exquisite delicacy, which most gourmets unanimously call one of the best in the whole world. Its meat has delicate, tender slightly sweet taste that is perfectly emphasized by subtle smoky yet intense flavor.

Smoking as a method of fish processing has been known since ancient times. Smoked fish used to be an everyday product in Greece for a very long time, people here know dozens of recipes for it. Traditions of smoking are actively revived now and interest to the smoked products increase.

Company V. Geitonas provides customers with unique, exclusive product – smoked European eel. We have created a full-cycle production line, which lets us control the quality at every stage and to guarantee the highest quality of our product.

The production starts from capturing of juvenile eels (glass eels) off the coasts of Great Britain in the Gulf Stream. Then we breed the fish in open ponds to the commercial size of 100 – 1000g. We pay maximum attention to each detail, like quality and temperature of water, feed, etc., as far as they influence the taste of the final product. We make processing and smoking of eel on our production line. Final organoleptic qualities of the ready product much depend on accuracy of smoking and on the kind of wood used. We have worked out an ideal recipe: the fish is hot-smoked for strictly determined time over olive and beech getting exquisite taste, fabulous flavor and mouth-watering appearance.

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Each lot of goods 100% meets all European standards of quality, ready-cooked eel keeps the entire complex of vitamins (РР, А, В1, В2, Е, D and С) and micro-elements (zinc, copper, iodine, iron, phosphorus, manganese).

This meat is a source of fatty acids Omega-3, which prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, improve metabolism.

It contains up to 20% protein, so it can be without any fear used as a diet product. Eel is very useful for health, it helps to strengthen the immunity, prevents premature ageing of the skin and joints.